Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blue Sky Reserve - Ramona Lake Hike

Myself, Coney, and my two kids: Trevor and Kristen went out for a hike with the "Hiking For Fun" Meetup Group (URL: last Thursday , August 14, 2014.

Its our first time to join this group and I know it won't be the last. They meet every Thursdays after work hours on a hiking trail within 15 miles of Rancho Bernardo and its pretty convenient for me because I don't live too far (Rancho Penasquitos).

The venue for this hike is Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Trail out in Poway along Espola Road.

We did the hike from the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Trail-head all the way up to Ramona Lake which made it a four mile hike from bottom up to the top of the mountain / Lake and back. The hike was a 1750 feet elevation gain from the trail-head up to Lake Ramona.

The first 1.5 miles of the trail starts out flat passing through a well maintained gravel path and through shady trees. This is home to the San Diego horned lizard and several rare and threatened plant and animal species. If you're interested to learn more about the endangered plant s and animals in the park, go to

I was interested to hike the trail more because of the Cardiovascular benefits of hiking a path that elevates 1750 feet. Once we were at the top , we were awarded by the view of Lake Ramona. Well worth the view!

Once you pass the 1.5 mile mark, it start gaining elevation and challenge your heart rate and breathing which makes for a good occasion to burn body fat. Once you reach the top of the mountain and after trying to catch your breath and fast heartbeat, you will be greeted by Lake Ramona.

Friends in San Diego, if you have the time, visit and hike Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Trail, Lake Ramona sometime.

Click image below to view our Hike pictures.


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